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We’re still teaching waste reduction! Book your virtual lesson!

We can meet with your class remotely. Waste reduction lessons are now available! Learning how to reduce waste links with standards and remains vital for our environmental safety.

Clark County Green Schools has been hard at work producing a virtual learning centervideos and Google Earth virtual tours the past few months. We can customize a lesson with your class or Green Team that combines remote teaching with the videos and tours and activities. Students can respond to questions in the chat and ask questions there as well. A virtual activity sorting waste together can be included. Students fashion signs for the different waste streams on ½ sheets of paper and hold up their choice for where a waste item should go. It's fun, instructive and it has worked out well. Learning still happens. A culminating writing assignment could be given to write a letter to their families, explaining what they learned about the importance of recycling and how to recycle properly.

Ellen Ives, our partner and educator at Waste Connections, can schedule a time with you to meet with your class via Zoom or other video conferencing platform your district may be using. We can plan the lesson so that it covers the material you request in the time slot you have available. It can be a mixture of Ellen presenting PowerPoint slides and teaching, showing short videos on where garbage goes and how the recycle system works, and leading a group waste sort toward the end. We can also introduce you to Washington Green Schools' At-Home Certification, which students can do at home with their Green Team…their family. The lesson can be tailored to your specifications. We'd love to meet with your class!

Contact Ellen Ives via email: or by phone: 360-921-4312.
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