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Recap: elementary and middle school Student Summit

Recap: elementary and middle school Student Summit
​On Tuesday, March 10, 83 students from 18 schools, staff from seven partner organizations, Washington Green Schools and Clark County Green Schools came together for the annual Student Summit. In the past the Summit has been held in the fall in the form of a kickoff for Green Teams to start the school year with knowledge and resources to help ...
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Making connections: resources from the Master Composter Recyclers

The Gardner School of Arts and Sciences is a small private school located in the Salmon Creek area of Clark County. This year, their staff have been working on certifying with Washington Green Schools and making their whole school a "Green Team." Two certification areas offer a chance for schools to work with our sister program, Clark County Master...
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Change is hard but "you gotta try it": Hockinson Heights' waste reduction journey

Change is hard, but at Hockinson Heights Elementary they haven't let that stop them from making huge changes to make their school more sustainable. When we started working with them in 2017, all the waste from lunch was being thrown in the garbage, including recyclables.  In order for change to happen there needs to be someone to take the firs...
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Felida Elementary Certifies Platinum, Joining the Ranks of Only 12 Schools in the State

Felida Elementary Certifies Platinum, Joining the Ranks of Only 12 Schools in the State
Vancouver Public Schools' Felida Elementary achieved something few have. They are one of only 12 schools in the state to certify in all six categories with Washington Green Schools. That feat achieved platinum status for Felida Elementary and means they certified in Waste and Recycling, Water, School Grounds and Gardens, Energy, Transportation and ...
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Gause Elementary Milk Dispenser launch

Earlier this spring, Gause Elementary was the first school in the Washougal School District to start using a milk dispenser in the cafeteria. Day custodian Ellen Lancaster played an integral role in building support for the change to the cafeteria. Ellen was driven to change how her school was using single-use items, noting that cartons a...
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