Clark County Green Schools partners with EarthGen (formerly Washington Green Schools) to help K–12 public and private schools increase their sustainability through environmental certification. They are a nonprofit based in Seattle and provide a statewide certification program. We’re pleased to present this resource for schools in Clark County.

Schools decide on a project that interests them and then certify in one of six areas:

  1. Waste and Recycling
  2. Energy
  3. Healthy School Buildings
  4. School Grounds and Gardens
  5. Transportation
  6. Water

Your local Clark County Green Schools team is here to help support you in your efforts to certify. Together, with EarthGen, there is a good support system to help you work through the process.

Find out how to certify

Schools across Washington are working together to make their communities greener and healthier.

grass valley elementary green schools displayEarthGen provides schools with the support and resources to empower the next generation of environmental leaders. Through EarthGen programs, students can certify their schools, learn important 21st century skills, and conserve resources. EarthGen wants your school to meet its education and resource conservation goals. We ensure this through:

  • Classroom Resources – lesson plans, curriculum enhancements, and educator guides
  • Hands-On Support – our staff is always available to answer questions or provide consultation
  • Trainings and Workshops – we host trainings throughout the year to prepare educators and schools for a successful certification process
  • Recognition – when you certify, we present an awards ceremony at your school, create press releases, and share your success story with our statewide network


Two times a year, EarthGen holds trainings for green team leaders, who could be a teacher, custodian, parent, administrator, etc. to learn how to certify, connect with others in the area doing the same and walk away with practical resources to use in your school. Subscribe to our Event feed to get updates on upcoming events.

Clark County Green Schools Summit

Clark County Green Schools and EarthGen partner to host the Clark County Green Schools Student Summit held at Clark College each November, bringing students and educators together for a day of environmental inspiration to learn, share ideas and be motivated to bring changes back to their school. Schools can bring up to four students and a green team leader. Clark County reimburses substitute and bus transportation costs. For more information, subscribe to our Events feed or check out the Events page.

For more information about EarthGen, contact Outreach Specialist Shannon Brennan at or Program Manager Nayiri Haroutunian at or 206-351-0506

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