teen and younger girl riding bikes to school

  • Learn about pollution caused by vehicles and about alternative transportation methods.
  • Promote safe walking and biking to school, carpooling, and educate about idling engines.
  • Empower students and staff to make smarter transportation choices by implementing no-idling zones in school parking lots and create preferential parking spots for carpooling vehicles.

No-idling zones

Interested in projects about air quality and anti-idling campaigns? Here are two great resources:

Anti-Idling Brochure – Download this brochure to share how no-idling zones can benefit school air quality

Engine Idling and Air Pollution – Learn how idling engines impact air pollution

Waste Reduction

Learn to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot (compost) to decrease the waste that goes into landfills.

Video Resources

Check out these videos to be shown in the classroom or during morning announcements. They can be a great educational tool and support your sustainability, recycling and composting efforts.