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Virtual resources are here - Google Earth transfer station tour and more!

The Clark County Green Schools team has been working hard over the last several months to deliver interesting, high-quality educational materials for students throughout Clark County. We have created a few virtual tours on Google Earth of the West Vancouver Materials Recovery Station and another comprehensive tour that shows where waste goes once it leaves the transfer station. The journey it takes might surprise you!

Each tour is narrated and includes videos and quizzes. Students can navigate through all the stops on the tour and learn a bit more about how garbage, recyclables, food and yard waste and hazardous household waste is handled.

Check it out here.

The Tons of Trash virtual tour shows the journey the waste takes up the Columbia River. It travels on a barge and has to pass through a few dams first and the tour shows how it makes the trip. 

Once you see the extraordinary steps it takes to landfill trash, we hope students think about ways they can reduce their waste. 

Share this tour with your students here.  

Finally, we've created the Clark County Green Schools Virtual Learning Center where these virtual tours will be housed, along with other resources that will help with environmental education projects during this at-home learning season. Our hope is that these resources will be helpful far beyond our current remote learning situation. 

There are tabs for each Washington Green Schools certification category in addition to a link to their new At-Home certification. Look for other great tools from partners like Clark County Clean Water, Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, etc.

Tell us what you think! Is this helpful to you? How can we improve? Reach out with your comments to

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