School Grounds & Gardens

kids learning outdoors

  • Learn how to incorporate school grounds and gardens into academic curricula.
  • Integrate the outdoor classroom and foster collaboration with the district maintenance staff and start an edible garden, eliminate the use of pesticides, and plant native species and remove invasive species.
  • Improve school grounds while connecting to nature with projects such as building trails on your school’s campus or planting shade trees.

For more information about stormwater projects contact Eric Lambert at For more information about garden projects, visit the WSU Clark County Extension and the Master Gardener Program, or contact Erika Johnson at

Resources: free garden-centric curriculum, lesson plans, lending libraries, how-to's, and more!

Garden Guides and Toolkits

Farm to School Network - Starting and Maintaining a School Garden

Farm to School Network - Starting and Maintaining a School Garden - Spanish

Starting a Preschool Garden

Got Dirt?  - ¿Hay Tierra?

Digging Into Soil - Soil Science Lesson Plans


Local Resources

City of Vancouver Urban Forestry

Friends of Trees

National/Regional Resources

Washington Agriculture in the Classroom 

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom 

Washington State Farm to School Network

Kids Gardening

Children & Nature Network





Waste Reduction

Learn to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot (compost) to decrease the waste that goes into landfills.

Video Resources

Check out these videos to be shown in the classroom or during morning announcements. They can be a great educational tool and support your sustainability, recycling and composting efforts.