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Educator Training with Washington Green Schools, October 25th

Save the date for our fall educator training! This year, the training is after the Student Summit. At the Summit, your students will define their goals and ideas for environment and sustainability action projects for the school year. At the Educator Training, get the tips, tools, resources, and support you need to help your students reach their goa...
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Farm to Fork: a preview of new standard-aligned lessons

In early June, Clark County Green Schools and the Master Composter/Recycler program partnered to present during the Farm to Fork field trip at the Heritage Farm. Farm to Fork is a program that allows students to go to the farm on a field trip and spend time at different stations, learning about various aspects of our food system, agriculture, and n...
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School Gardens - Making a dream into a reality!

School Gardens - Making a dream into a reality!
Does spring have you dreaming of gardening? Or getting students outside? While the idea of a school garden sounds appealing to many of us, the process of starting and maintaining a school garden can seem daunting. Luckily, we have lots of great resources locally to help make the process easier and support you every step of the way! There are also s...
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February 8th - Clark County Green Schools Winter Educator Session

February 8th - Clark County Green Schools Winter Educator Session
Please join us at the Clark County Green Schools Educator Session February 8th. This is a great opportunity for green team leaders, teachers, administrators, building operators/custodians to learn more about starting and developing a green team and more! Washington Green Schools staff will be on hand, in addition to local partners. Register HERE.

Hockinson Heights Elementary Takes Initiatives to Reduce Waste

Students and teachers at Hockinson Heights Elementary do a waste audit
Hockinson Heights Elementary is one of the newest schools to take the leap towards becoming a Green School. Since late last year, Nathan Tracey, 4th grade teacher, Nancy O'Neill-Bratt, art teacher, and Megan Miles, music teacher, have taken the initiative to form a green team and push for change. At the end of lunch, essentially everything was goin...
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