Waste Reduction Education

Do you get frustrated about how much waste there is in your school? Wish so much didn’t go in the trash? There’s so much food waste! What can you do?

Clark County Green Schools can help your school keep trash from landfills as we work to reduce waste, send more items to be recycled, and compost leftover food items — or better yet, feed hungry people.

Our team will work with your school to assess the best intervention and provide education, resources and containers to make the effort successful.

sort table in lunchroom half widthSort Tables

Clark County Green Schools has come up with a great cafeteria sort table system complete with picture signage to walk students through the line to properly separate their liquids, recyclables, wasted food and trash.

But you can’t just set up a sort table and expect students to know what to do. We will provide education and support to ensure your student body adopts this change and has the highest chance of being successful.

Educational Opportunities

We also provide other educational opportunities for students and staff. Check out our Education section for more information about free field trips, workshops, assemblies, in class education and more!

Share Tables and Food Donation

We mentioned feeding hungry people… that’s even more important than composting. We’re working with schools and districts to see how we can get the food to people who need it most. We incorporate Share Tables in our sort table systems, where students can place their unwanted items for others to take and eat rather than throwing them out. Some schools even donate uneaten items to their local food bank. We’re just getting started in this journey of making sure edible food gets to people who need it most and we’d love to work with you to see how that goal might fit with your school. The EPA has recently come up with some guidelines on food donation. This is a major focus of the EPA and Washington State Department of Ecology. Check out their new Washington School Food Share Program Toolkit to see how some of these principles may be incorporated into your school and district.

Composting & Recycling Assistance

Alki student emptying recycling binClark County Green Schools wants to ensure recycling and food composting efforts at your school are successful! We’ll meet with you to determine the best set up for your individual building needs, and can provide necessary recycling containers and cafeteria sort tables at no charge. We’re here to make sure you have the resources to recycle and compost food waste effectively.

Tools for Reducing Waste – Clark County Green Schools can provide these tools for your school to recycle more and compost food scraps

Green Schools Offerings

Worm Bin Composting – Clark County Green Schools can provide free worm bins for your school to reduce food and school garden waste.

Request a Worm Bin

Environmental Certification

We partner with EarthGen (formerly Washington Green Schools) to provide a statewide environmental certification program. Get help with your project! Be recognized for your efforts! Clark County Green Schools and EarthGen work together to help you accomplish your environmental goals. For more about certification, check here