• Green Schools Summit

    Washington Green Schools and Clark County Green Schools invite Green Teams from K-12 schools across Clark County to engage in real-world, STEM-based learning experiences that advance environmental sustainability in schools.
  • Green Schools Educator Training

    Prepare your school for a year of sustainability success with Washington Green Schools and Clark County Green Schools. Whether you are new to the Green Schools community or have been spearheading sustainability action projects at school for years, you will be in for a productive and resource-rich afternoon.

What is the Green Schools program all about?

Clark County Green Schools works with all local public and private schools in their sustainability efforts. We’re here to encourage environmental leadership and give students tools to implement change in their schools.

Waste Reduction Education

We provide assistance to boost waste reduction education and awareness in schools, providing recycling containers, as needed.

Composting & Recycling Assistance

We’re here to assist with food waste composting and recycling in cafeterias, offering education, containers and sort tables.

Environmental Certification

We connect schools to Washington Green Schools, a statewide environmental certification program.

Clark County Green Schools

schools are Washington Green School certified

pounds recycled each school year

schools collect food waste to be composted

pounds of food waste sent to compost each school year