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Celebrating Community Partnerships Between Schools and a Local Bike Repair Shop


Have you ever noticed a bike tube on your school's compost bin? These bike tubes have been repurposed from a local bike shop to help fasten compost cart liners to the bins - keeping bins cleaner and allowing the liners to be reused! 

One of the most common contaminants found in Clark County's recycling and compost stream is plastic and compostable bags. Using bike tubes as fasteners helps to reduce the amount of contamination entering our recycling streams.

Clark County Green Schools wants to recognize a community partnership with Rollin Right Bike Repairs. Edward Eley, the owner, has donated used bike tubes to the Green Schools program for years. Inspired by a custodian from Kitsap County, the donating program provides stretchy and tacky bike tubes to keep liners secure to the compost carts.

Edward served as an Americorps member building a ropes course in Oakland, CA. He appreciates how his service term was "a challenge by choice" and team-led. Edward is still astonished at how often his AmeriCorps service impacts his life. For instance, Edward is introduced to Green Schools' AmeriCorps members every year when coordinating bike tube donations. 

Take inspiration from Rollin' Right Bike Repair and repurpose an item or give it to someone who can use it again. When you share items with other members of your community, relationships form that bridge resources and ideas. These types of partnerships are integral to building community resiliency. 

By repurposing bike tubes, we can reuse compost cart liners and keep carts clean. Thank you for the donations over the years, Rollin' Right!

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