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Hockinson Middle School Compost Launch


Clark County Green Schools is excited to announce the expansion of sort tables within the Hockinson School District!

The Green Team at Hockinson Middle School remembered sorting their lunch waste in elementary school and asked the question, "why don't we sort our waste here?" With approximately half the student body as Hockinson Elementary, the middle school was producing about twice as much trash.

With the power of the student initiative and help from the lead custodian, Bruce, the Green Team was able to implement a sorting table throughout lunch service. In just one week, their daily lunchtime landfill waste was reduced from four bags to two a day.

Last week, the Green Schools team helped train Green Team members on sorting knowledge for Clark County. It's important to have knowledgeable ambassadors to help teach other students when the sorting gets confusing, as it often does! Many students were shocked to find out their plastic silverware is not recyclable in our area. They are so small; they get lost in the sorting process and can even clog up machinery at our transfer stations. It can be tricky to remember what goes where and we are so thankful for all the students who volunteered part of their lunch time to help learn and show others how to sort properly.

In a few days' time, many of the students remembered the sorting process from elementary school. It's amazing how fast the students were able to pick-up the sorting habit.

Hockinson Middle School has also been utilizing a share table for quite some time. The students appreciate being able to pick up an extra snack or milk on their way by. Plus, utilizing another method of organics management, the school community donates the remaining fruit at the end of the day to a student with pigs! This is a great way to intercept food waste and give it a new purpose. Way to work together Hockinson Hornets!

The Hockinson Middle School Share Table.

All in all, thank you to Hockinson's Middle School Green Team and supporting staff for their efforts to expand food waste management and education within their school district. You are true leaders!

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