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How does your garden grow?


We know a lot has changed in the last few months and school gardens are a big one! Many of you look forward to being outdoors with your students planting and tending to your garden beds. This year is different and we feel it with you!

We're working with partners to create systems to better support your school garden efforts. Please take a moment to share what's happening at your school so we can better serve you.

Clark County School Garden Survey

Do you have a garden, outdoor classroom, or greenhouse at your school? We want to hear all about them! The Clark County Green Schools team is gathering information on school gardens to better understand how we can support schools in their efforts to create, maintain, and sustain their gardens. This information will be used in preparation for next school year. Please take our short survey.

Other resources for school garden coordinators

Free Online Outdoor Learning Course for Educators

For those interested in learning more about outdoor and garden-based education, there is a free 15-week online class called "Teaching in Nature's Classroom: Principles of Garden-based Education" starting on May 18th. Presented by Rooted, Life Lab, and the Wisconsin School Garden Network, this 15-week course is for both new and experienced educators to learn best practices when teaching in an outdoor setting, with a focus on school and community youth gardens. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for completing all 30 hours. They also have the option of registering for two graduate credits through the University of the Pacific.

Free compost webinars with the Master Composter Recyclers

The Clark County Master Composter Recyclers have put together a webinar series. For the ones that have passed, links are available to the recording. 

Backyard Composting 

Missed the workshop? Click here to watch the recording!

Occurred Saturday, May 2nd Via ZOOM

Learn how to compost the SMART way. Construct a compost pile with experts, and view demonstration compost bins in action. 

Red Worm Composting 

Missed the workshop? Click here to watch the recording!

Occurred Wednesday, May 6th Via ZOOM
Learn how to construct and maintain a worm bin. Turn your kitchen trimmings into garden gold. 

Lasagna Garden Composting

Saturday, May 16th, 10 - 11:30 a.m. Via ZOOM

Build and plant a raised bed garden. No tilling or turning required and most materials are free! Don't worry if your soil is clay, sand, grass or weeds - this method goes right over the top.

Green Cleaning

Wednesday, May 27th, 6-7:30 p.m. Via ZOOM
Learn how to make three versatile household green cleaners and see how fun and safe cleaning can be. (We are working out details for distributing green clean kits due to limited supplies and COVID 19 restrictions).

Recycling Done Right

Thursday, June 4th, 3 - 4:30 p.m.Via ZOOM
Learn how to be an expert recycler. Understand why only certain items can go into your Big Blue recycle cart and Binny the glass bin. When in doubt throw it out.

Prevent Food Waste in the First Place

Tuesday, June 9th, 3 - 4:30 p.m. Via ZOOM

Learn tools on how to minimize food spoilage.

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