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2023 Secondary Student Summit Recap

Overall, the student summit does more than allow students the space to share their ideas – it amplifies them. by Author The morning of our middle and high school student summit has finally arrived! As student groups fill the lobby, we usher them to their tables. No one really knowing all that's in store yet – including me. We begin the summit with ...

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'Tis the season... for holiday leftovers!

Thanksgiving Dinner

A crucial aspect of reducing our ecological footprint during the holidays is minimizing food waste. Food waste in landfills contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbates climate change. On average, Washington state generates 400,000 tons of edible food waste—with over 35,000 tons coming from Clark County alone. By being mindful of our foo...

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Do you ever wonder about the leaves?


 As the leaves start to change and the cold air creeps into our bones, sometimes new questions come up about the world around us. Why do the seasons change? Where does the wind come from? And one of the greatest contemplations of all time... why do the leaves change colors? To answer that, let's start at the beginning. There are two categories...

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Guide to a Sustainable Halloween

 With Halloween just around the corner, we can spend some time getting creative and sustainable! There are so many unique ways we can conserve our resources and reduce waste while celebrating this season. Costumes  Let's start with the biggest ticket item, your Halloween costume! According to the Center for Biological Diversity, Americans...

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Youth climate activists are at it again! Gov. Inslee recognizes Hockinson School District for their sustainability efforts

Gov-Inslee-with-students-in-HHE-Garden Students show Gov. Inslee the beautiful school garden at Hockinson Heights ES.

Clark County green teams are stirring interest and conversation around climate action. On Sept. 6, 2023, Hockinson School District welcomed Gov. Jay Inslee to showcase their actions toward sustainability, as part of his search for innovative climate action implemented by schools. Inslee told ESD 112  he plans to share what he learns with ...

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