Milk dispenser launch #2: Laurin Middle School


Clark County Green Schools launched our second milk dispenser pilot project at Battle Ground Public Schools' Laurin Middle School October 26th! With funding from Washington State Department of Ecology's Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance program, we set Laurin up with a dispenser, washable cups and everything needed to make it a success.

The Laurin team, including the principal, nutrition services director, kitchen and custodial staff, worked together implement the change. Students loved the taste of the milk and the opportunity to try something new.

"We already see more milk consumption and less waste, I can't wait to see the data! Our students really love it and see it as something really special."

Matt Kesler, Laurin Middle School principal

Schools who participate in this project conduct a waste audit before the implementation of the dispensers, and again after the program has been in place for a few months. Battle Ground Public Schools had a dietetic intern working on a food waste project. She observed milk waste for several weeks, so we will have that data to enhance our study.

Clark County Green Schools will launch two more schools with the milk dispenser pilot project this school year.

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