Gause Elementary Milk Dispenser launch


Earlier this spring, Gause Elementary was the first school in the Washougal School District to start using a milk dispenser in the cafeteria. Day custodian Ellen Lancaster played an integral role in building support for the change to the cafeteria. Ellen was driven to change how her school was using single-use items, noting that cartons are difficult to recycle even in the best circumstances. Mary Templeton, the superintendent of the Washougal School District, was also excited to see how changing to dispensers reduced single use packaging, as well as allowing students to take just the right amount of milk to reduce extra milk waste. By making the switch to reusable cups and dispensers, liquid waste is reduced, and overall volume of recycling goes down with the reduction of single-use items like milk cartons.

Check out the video below of opening day of the new milk dispensers! 

This project is funded in part by the Washington State Department of Ecology's Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance program. 

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