Congrats on your first certification, Fruit Valley!

A big take away was knowing that in order to create change, we just needed to get started.

Fruit Valley Green Team

Fruit Valley Elementary school (Community Learning Center) was awarded with their first Washington Green Schools certification last week, in the area of Water. For their project, the Green Team and Student Leadership Team started by finding out how much water was used during the month of February 2017. They sought to reduce the amount of water used through an awareness and action campaign in their school and community, and measure water usage again in February 2018. To bring awareness to water conservation and help their community take action, they:

  • Sent emails to staff
  • Displayed posters throughout the school
  • Created take-home activity/coloring pages for students about water conservation
  • Utilized interactive websites about saving water to educate their teachers and classmates
  • Made water conservation reminders during morning announcements
  • Included water conservation in their school's "expectations fair" presentation

Through their efforts, the school was able to reduce how much water it was using by 21%: 6,000 gallons in a month. That's enough to fill the school's gym with water nearly two feet deep! If that's how much they've reduced their water consumption in one month, think about how much water they are saving throughout the school year!

Great job, Panthers! We look forward to seeing what lasting changes you make next! 

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