Cart to Compost - new video!


​One of the things Clark County Green Schools does is help schools reduce waste by providing tools and education for proper recycling and food composting in cafeterias. That sounds simple, but when you have hundreds of students of varying ages hurrying through the cafeteria, it's easy for contamination to happen. When a recycling or food waste cart has too much contamination, it can cause that container to be dumped into the garbage. To ensure that waste really is getting recycled or composted, it's very important to reduce contamination as much as possible. 

Clark County Green Schools offers lots of tools to help schools reduce contamination. We can send storyteller Will Hornyak to your school to teach about recycling and composting in a fun, interactive way. We also have in-class lessons, field trips, and downloadable activities (see all of our offerings here) to help students really understand how to correctly sort their waste, and why reducing, reusing, recycling, and rotting (composting) is important. But sometimes educators can't find room in their packed curriculum plans for a field trip or in-class presentation.

Now, we have another tool - a short video showing the journey the food waste from Clark County school cafeterias takes to be turned into compost! We encourage you to use this video to remind students of the "why" and "how" of sorting their food waste in the cafeteria. 

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