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Cafeteria Waste Sorting Training Videos

Cafeteria waste sorting can be challenging for new students, especially during the first few months of school. Our team has developed some kid-friendly training videos to help educate students about how to properly utilize cafeteria waste management materials.

Sort Table Training Video  

Clark County Green Schools provides sort tables at no charge to Clark County schools. Cafeteria sort tables encourage students to sort their lunch waste into liquids, recyclables, food scraps, and garbage. Proper use of a sort table system has been proven to drastically reduce the amount of landfilled waste. If your school is using a sort table, we encourage you to show your students this educational training video.

If your school is not currently using a sort table and you want to help your school reduce landfilled waste, please email to get started! 

Share Table Training Video 

We are encouraging schools to adopt the use of a share table in the cafeteria! A share table is an established location where students can place unwanted food items to be offered to other students who may want additional food. Incorporating a share table into your food service reduces wasted food while also increasing access to free healthy foods for students. 

Learn more about Share Tables.   

If your school has a share table - we encourage you to show your students this educational training video about how to properly use it. If your school does not have a Share Table and you are interested in setting one up, please email

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