Recap: 2018 Green Schools Student Summit

Students from schools all over Clark County convened at the 9th annual Green Schools Student Summit at Clark College on October 4th. Representatives from 23 school Green Teams came together for a day of environmental learning and inspiration. Clark County Green Schools and Washington Green Schools collaborate to present this annual student event.  The Summit connected experts in waste, water, food, energy, and more with K-12 students interested in protecting their local environment and being leaders in their community. 

Take a peek at what students experienced at their day at the Summit!

Waste Connections Educator Ellen Ives debuted a new game and teaching tool called Consumption Consequences. Students examined the environmental consequences of the choices they make while shopping. They discussed the natural resources used in creating, packaging, and shipping items, and how reducing and reusing can preserve these resources. They learned how their consumption choices can affect their environment. Ellen is available to teach Consumption Consequences to your middle of high school class. Here is more information about that offering,  Click here to read about our natural resources lesson for grades 2-6. Contact Ellen to schedule at

"Borrowing, reusing, and recycling are the best ways to conserve the earth,

 middle school student who played Consumption Consequences.

Clark County Clean Water led students on a scavenger hunt as they explored Clark College in search of features that impact or help manage three types of water: stormwater, drinking water, and wastewater. This fun activity gave students inspiration and steps to assess their own school and have fun doing it! Contact Clark County Clean Water for assistance on a project like this for your school.

"It was nice to get the kids outside and moving. I hope students can use the activity at their own schools to help prepare for water certification." Eric Lambert, Clark County Clean Water.

Clark Public Utilities and Washington Green Schools led students through a discussion and debate about energy choices. Click here to learn more about bringing Clark Public Utilities to your class to discuss energy. Heather Allmain, from Clark Public Utilities said, "The important lesson here is how to use energy thoughtfully and efficiently in your home and school. It's a good use of electricity to cook a meal on the stove for your family. What's not a wise use of energy is to stand in front of your open refrigerator wondering what you want to eat. It's the same at school - it's good to have the lights on when you're studying in your class but you should turn them off when you leave the room."

WSU Extension's SNAP Ed gave students ideas on ways to certify in Healthy Schools category by using Smarter Lunchroom scans. These scans provide schools with the knowledge, motivation, and resources needed to build a lunchroom environment that makes healthy food choices the easy choice. Students worked together to identify methods of serving food that would increase consumption of healthy choices and reduce waste. Simple changes like offering the apples in a nice looking basket with labels saying "fresh, local, etc." can help! By making it more appealing, students may choose that option. To learn more about how SNAP Ed can help you, contact them here. 

"It inspired me to take action in helping students chose healthier lunch options and stop wasting food." 

middle school student

Each year we strive to walk the talk and create a low waste event. We served breakfast snacks and lunch to 130 people and generated only four gallons of waste by using washable dishes and composting food waste and pizza boxes. Waste Connections provided a reusable water bottle to all attendees, eliminating the need for cups, bottles or cans.

The impacts of the environmental work students are doing in Clark County is felt far and wide. Just read what this Green Team said about their experience serving in their school.

"It's important for students to be leaders for the environment because it gives other students hope. Some young people might think 'I'm not old enough to do that' but if they see other students doing something, they will know anyone can do it. Since joining Green Team I've definitely gained a community centered mindset and think more about my own future." 

student from La Center High School

This event is partially funded by Washington State Department of Ecology's Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance.

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