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Congratulations, York Elementary!

Congratulations, York Elementary!
There are a total of eight platinum certified schools in Washington State, and five of them are in Clark County! ​York Elementary (Evergreen Public Schools) has become a Washington Green Schools Platinum Certified school! Washington Green Schools facilitates a framework for students to investigate environmental issues at schools, create an act...
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Hockinson Heights Elementary Takes Initiatives to Reduce Waste

Students and teachers at Hockinson Heights Elementary do a waste audit
Hockinson Heights Elementary is one of the newest schools to take the leap towards becoming a Green School. Since late last year, Nathan Tracey, 4th grade teacher, Nancy O'Neill-Bratt, art teacher, and Megan Miles, music teacher, have taken the initiative to form a green team and push for change. At the end of lunch, essentially everything was goin...
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Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes students participate in a waste audit, and learn how to improve environmental sustainability at school.
Clark County Green Schools was approached by Our Lady of Lourdes last fall. They wanted to find out how they could become more environmentally conscious. We were pleased to meet with them to come up with a plan. We started by pulling together a group of people who were interested in making these changes. That group included the principal, custodian...
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Mill Plain Elementary

The Mill Plain Elementary Green team wrote a letter to their food service provider requesting they use washable silverware instead of the plastic spork packets which included a straw, napkin and plastic packaging in addition to the spork. They noticed many of those items went unused and seemed unnecessary and knew there must be a better way. They a...
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Pleasant Valley Primary

Pleasant Valley Students learn to reduce lunch garbage
In November 2016, Clark County Green Schools staff took Pleasant Valley Primary's breakfast and lunch garbage to the Clark County Green Schools Student Summit to do a waste audit. At the time, the school wasn't sorting food waste or recycling at lunch. Everything was going in the trash. Two months later, the Green School team started working with P...
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