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Student Summit Speakers announced - Get registered today!

Clark County students will have an opportunity to hear from some amazing speakers at the upcoming Student Summits in May. The elementary and middle school Summit is May 12 and high school Summit is May 19. With a career focus, this year's Summit will give students an opportunity to get a snapshot of careers in sustainability and give them inspiration of what could be ahead for them.


Elementary and Middle School REGISTRATION LINK

Because the Summit is virtual this year, each school is welcome to bring up to 10 students.

Questions? Reach out to

Keynote speaker for both Summits: Chloe Brush

Chloe has spent the majority of her life in the Pacific Northwest and currently lives in Bellingham. She is graduating in June from Western Washington University with a degree in environmental studies and a minor in environmental justice. At Western, she was a member of the environmental justice committee and an avid volunteer at the on-campus farm. When she isn't studying, Chloe can be found gardening, trying out new recipes, or foraging for wild foods.

High school Summit speaker: Andrea Crawford

Andrea Crawford has worked at the Wild Horse Wind Facility since she started her college internship there in 2008. She is now the Program Coordinator, a position which consists of giving tours and presentations at the visitor center, training and supervising Wild Horse interns, conducting avian surveys, and performing Quality Assurance Inspections on the turbines. Outside of work, she spends her time mountain biking, hiking, frolicking in wildflowers, playing with her dog Maverick, and traveling.

Elementary and middle school Summit speaker: Jena Jauchius

Jena is a landscape architect, professional artist, and 20+-year nature play expert dedicated to designing nature-based inclusive play, learning, and therapeutic environments for children of all ages and abilities. She has been researching and designing environments specifically for children with autism, sensory processing issues, and other special needs since 2004. Her work includes nature playscapes, outdoor learning landscapes, and custom playscapes for a variety of pre-k childcare centers, public and private schools, public parks, and home landscapes. In every playscape she designs, nature and art work together enrich imaginative play, sensory experiences, and children's sense of place. Jena is an advocate for connecting all children with nature and speaks internationally on designing play, learning, and therapeutic environments for children of all abilities. She lives with her husband and 6-year old twin daughters on a farm outside Spokane, Washington.

Elementary and middle school Summit speaker: Daniel Chang

Daniel Chang is a water resources engineer with Aspect Consulting. He graduated from Harvard in 2020 with a degree in environmental engineering and is now starting his career with Aspect working on water quality and water supply challenges that he was so passionate about through school. Daniel said, "My love for water grew from my identity as a competitive swimmer and as my swimming career comes to a close, my new water career as an engineer is kicking off. I'm excited to share my story with these kids and help them find their passion for the environment!"

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