Format: assembly 

Length: 30–40 minutes

Requirements: none; schools beginning food waste collection must have a support system plan that may include student monitors, classroom education, a Green Team, etc. 

Summary: Will Hornyak is a gifted storyteller who has crafted waste reduction and sustainability assemblies for Clark County Green Schools. as part of your school's targeted efforts towards waste reduction, we will bring Will to you school at no charge. Will generally does two assemblies for an elementary school, with one for grades K–2 and another for grades 3–5, back to back.   

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"The students found him to be very entertaining and he was able to keep the attention of both groups for each session. Will did a great job involving the students and teachers in multiple activities and made the learning fun. His style of teaching really encouraged participation and reinforced the green concepts. I have no doubt that the students learned a lot about how to take good care of our environment."  — Carmella Bender, Endeavor Elementary