Format: independent activity, craft 

Topics/subjects: recycling, composting, cafeteria waste sorting

Recommended companion lessons: this activity is a good post-lesson review for Waste Story, Compost and Decomposers, and Waste Audit; a good introduction to cafeteria sorting for new students or a review for returning students

Summary: This coloring and activity book is a great way for younger students to summarize the main ideas of what they’ve learned about recycling, composting, and how to correctly sort their waste in the cafeteria (for schools that have a Clark County Green Schools-provided sort table, especially). You can download and print the coloring book using the buttons below; if you have a lesson or activity scheduled with us, you can request that we bring coloring books to leave with you. 

Coloring Book — Folding 11" x 17"

Coloring Book — 8.5" x 11"