Mill Plain Elementary

The Mill Plain Elementary Green team wrote a letter to their food service provider requesting they use washable silverware instead of the plastic spork packets which included a straw, napkin and plastic packaging in addition to the spork. They noticed many of those items went unused and seemed unnecessary and knew there must be a better way. They also asked for a one-at-a-time napkin dispenser to reduce the waste of a student grabbing a chunk of napkins.

They were able to work with their food service provider to bring back metal silverware and eliminate the plastic sporks which will add up to substantial savings to the environment and also the budget over the course of the school year.

In order to insure success of the change, Mill Plain's Green Team created a video to educate students about the switch and tell them more about why it's important. They also made morning announcements educating students about the change.

Great job Mill Plain Elementary! You are an inspiration to other schools wanting to do the same! 

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