Washington Green Schools awards local Green Medalists

Last week Washington Green Schools stopped into town to celebrate their Green Medalist awardees.  

Green Medalists are individuals or groups who have shown leadership in sustainability within their school community, inclusion by valuing others and making them feel welcome, and resilience through continual action despite obstacles and setbacks. Green Medalists may not have yet certified in an environmental category or participated in a Student Summit, but they are committed to making their school a healthier and greener place to learn.

In Clark County, three individuals, Rebecca Morris from La Center High School, Janet Dondelinger from Pioneer Elementary School, Kris Potter from River HomeLink, and one group, the Hough Foundation, were declared Green Medalists because of their exceptional display of leadership, resilience and inclusion within their school communities.

Washington Green Schools Outreach Coordinator Becky Bronstein shared these thoughts about each recipient:

 "Rebecca Morris's resilience in dealing with setbacks at her school, but still developing an amazing environmental studies course where students engage and problem solve with real world issues."

"Janet Dondelinger's leadership in creating a culture of sustainability not only with the 5th grade at Pioneer Elementary, but throughout the entire school."

"Kris Potter continues to amaze us with her innovative methods of including all abilities and backgrounds in River HomeLink's garden."

Look for information from Washington Green Schools next school year for an opportunity to nominate someone in your school.

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